Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri

Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri (Italy) – THE SUN BENEATH THE SEA, 2016, 2:00
Since the beginning of the year, in the Mediterranean sea, more than 3,000 migrants and refugees have perished. Almost of them came from Africa and were fleeing terrible wars and famines. In the developing countries, food security depends on the role of the woman, considered as the driving force of a long-term change.

Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri (1974)
was born and educated in Rome (diploma in sound technique at the Experimental Film Centre and degree in Film History at the Sapienza University). Her experimental films were shown in several festivals, including Rome Film Fest (IT), Pesaro Film Festival (IT), Now&After (RU), Exis (KR), Videoformes (FR). In 2015 she won Casa Rossa Art Doc Prize at the 33° Bellaria Film Festival (IT).