Theodoris Trampas


Theodoris Trampas (Greece) – Scorched Earth, 2015, 14:53
Scorched Earth is a video performance art dealing with the bloody issue of migration and the expatriation of one’s own homeland, when there is no other option left. In this performance I work with ash, a symbol of a homeland burnt down to the ground, having nothing useful to offer. The endless effort of the person not to be forced to leave their home makes him conflict with his own desires. The Aegean Sea is the essential immigration solution; we “travel” on water which is sealed on plastic bags. It falls drop by drop, fills the scene – adjustment to another homeland.

The smell of the ash is still burning the ground,
it grays memory and stops you from thinking
of all those ancestors you lived with.
Your exhausted body seeks,
insists, denies accepting that the earth you are trying
to dream on has now been burnt down.
You are scared stiff, your roots are about to be cut out, you search
for a house, a family. Expatriation.

Theodoris Trampas
was born in Devonport, Australia in 1991 and comes from Serres. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2010 under professor Jannis Psychopedis, Dimitris Sakelion and Michalis Manousakis from where in 2015 he graduated with honors. Completing circles laboratory courses as video/multimedia, photography, design, engraving and the three-year exercise in experiential laboratory performance. Lives and works in Athens deals mainly with painting where the last three years led him to the bodily expression through improvisation and installation on site specific, especially with the art performance.