Parya Vatankhah


Parya Vatankhah (Iran/France) – Not Read, 2014, 5:14
Not read is a video-performance which artist confronts her past and her present. Writing is a means of expression for exteriorization her emotion of exile somewhere lost. The land is present, our land, and his land.
The woman, who was out of the frame, finally appears dressed in black. She externalizes her inner suffering; the painful memories of her exile by laying on the papers which she had transcribed her emotions. She lies down, rolls in the mud, and embraces the papers.

Parya Vatankhah
Born in Tehran, Iran, Lives & works in Paris, working with a wide range of media. She draws on her own experiences to explore the emotional paradoxes created by politics & society. She works about the intimate suffering, which is in relation with the politic and the society.
She is graduated from Contemporary art of the University Paris VIII, Visual art of the University of Aix-en-Provence and The painting of the University of Tehran.
Her work has been exhibited internationally in individual and collective. She received the award of The International festival of Women’s Voice Now (Los Angeles, 2014).