Paolo Bandinu

Paolo Bandinu (Italy) – No Country, 2015, 2: 21
“world-views and out of this world”
Concept: No country – The job tries to rebuild through visions from the world, a story, a trip, a path that leads us to a reflection on the concept of the country.
A country seen as planet earth, cities, universe where they try to question the idea of the border. A thought pointing to idea of freedom of each human individual.

Paolo Bandinu
was born in San Gavino (CA) on 16 08 1984. He began his studies at the Art College of Cagliari in 2003-04, he graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari and in 2011 obtained the degree in Visual Arts and Multimedia Languages at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence. He lives and works in Berlin.
My work moves through the pictorial stories that take shape on the canvas and evolve by means of a video montage where the constant evolution of painting tells every single gesture and sign, painting becomes music and sublimate the motion of the matter. A succession of feelings and moods evolve into a situation that immortalize every change and indecision in the balance between what happened and what would or will happen.
Concept: The artist expresses himself through video pictorial of an experimental basis, in a continuous flow of images and feelings, they want to return the idea of transition and change, transition, in a limbo of situations elusive and changeable.

Artist Statement
I’m interested in the continous becoming of things. My work reflects the changing of different moments that are like in suspension, in a sort of precarious balance between past and present. I try to convey the idea of a trace that leaves a mark. This mark anticipates what follows.