The Refugee Film Collection

RC Campos

RC Campos (Ruy Cézar Campos Figueiredo)(Brazil) – Throwtogetherness, 2014, 00:03:49 Navigating through shattered illusions, a displaced body mourns the displacement, the repression and neglection of many other bodies. RC Campos Bachelor in Audiovisual and New Media (2015), i’m looking for…
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The Refugee Film Collection 1.0

Elena Knox

. Elena Knox (Australia) – Radical Hospitality, 2014, 6:16 Today’s android hostess is a pre-security measure: a frontline that could, due to its cyborgian, networked status, alert its (puppet)masters to irregularities at the border. Institutionally, wherever a welcoming gesture or…
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The Refugee Film Collection 2.0