Nelton Pellenz


Nelton Pellenz (Brazil) – Atlantic – Atlântico, 2015, 08’08”
In ‘Atlantic’, the water is associated with life, Here, the human epopee occurs in a mild form and at the same time, tense, with passages marked by the apparition, by adhesion; no barriers, no boundaries.

Nelton Pellenz
My start in the visual arts was with the video, in 2005, and much of this production brings nature as a theme, and the water as a conductor of ideas to describe a series of sensations.
I use with some frequency, the fixed camera, the sequence-plans and randomness, seeking to create tensions between reality and fiction, as well as generate the apprehension of the senses of the viewer.
Since 2006, I participate of the collective Cine Water, in partnership with artist Dirnei Prates. The works of the double involve proposals in video, photography, installations and organizing exhibitions in unorthodox spaces.
I participate in art salons, film and video exhibitions in Brazil and abroad since 2006, systematically.