Masha Maria Yozefpolsky

Masha Maria Yozefpolsky (Israel) – In Between SiO2, 2016, 10:00
In BetweenSiO2 is a critical video poetry of our turbulent contemporary existence in a world of diminishing resources. This is an era of immeasurable abandonment while ourselves are being stolen from us, lacking the ‘shelter within’, we are drifting towards contingent territories of obscure perspectives. As a dystopian elegy the film outlines individual, social and cultural malignant ‘ecology’ as contaminated by pandemic indifference and inherent violent amnesia. Blind, facing uncertainty and certain adversities under the sick and blurred sun, we can recollect the future by possible multiple tracks of extended perception for the time being, as long as we still have the time to dream replacing actuality and oblivion by multilayered cognition and longing.

Masha Yozefpolsky
was born in Leningrad, lives and works in Tel Aviv
group exhibitions – 2012 Excerpt – installation, Florentin 45 Gallery, Tel Aviv c: Ilan Wizgan. 2009 Lontana – video film. Hazira, Jerusalem, c: Smadar Shindler. 2008 – 273 °C Deep Freeze * – ‘ Displacements’, Bat Yam Museum of Art, c: Milana Gitzin-Adiram and Lea Abir. 2006 Extract – installation. ‘The Raft of The Medusa’, Krolikarnia, The National Museum, Warsaw, Poland, c: Naomi Aviv, Pawel Sosnowski. 2005 Extract – installation. Kalisher Gallery, Tel Aviv, c: Tami Katz Freiman. 2004 Untitled- painting/objects. ‘Orim (lights)’,The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, c: Amitai Mendelsohn. 2004 April 1964 – installation. ‘Embroided Action’, Herzlia Museum of Art, c: Hadas Maor. 2004 Heal The Healer – video. ‘To Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare’, Kalisher, T. A. c: Naomi Aviv. 2004 Anima – installation. ‘Art Focus 4’, Museum of the Underground, Jerusalem, c: S.Landau and Y.Zalmona. 2002 i am you – video. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, c: Sarit Shapiro. 2002 Untitled – drawing/objects. ‘Traces’, Artist’s House, Jerusalem, c: Ilan Wizgan. 2001 Towards – video. ‘Voyeurism’, Hazira, Jerusalem, c: Hadas Efrat. 2000 Video Compilation – ‘Video library’, Office in Tel Aviv, c: Rachel Suckman. 2000 Outer Llimits – video film. Makor Video Lounge, N.Y.C. c: Dana Levi. 1999 Elsewhere – video object. ‘Mad Media’, Museum’s Forum, c: Rachel Suckman. 1997 Video Compilation – ‘Oi Wa Woi’, Podewil, Berlin, Germany, c: Vered Maimon. 1998 North Cut – installation. Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Tali Tamir. 1996 Hold On – installation. Art Focus 1, Artist’s House, Jerusalem, curator: Ilan Wizgan.