Ma Kapoka

Ma Kapoka (Italy) – There was not time, 2016, 9:18
The film is entirely composed of found footages coming from documentary films concerning the subject of the refugees and various materials from youtube. The dialectical relation between the inability to move and desires of freedom is here represented through the friction, the visual and acustic dissonance, resulting from a juxtaposition of still and moving images.
A life as a standby forced into a system of repression, is it that far from the existence of every human being?

Ma Kapoka
Ma Kapoka was born in Naples, Italy, where she currently lives and works. A teacher of Photography at public high schools, she has a Master’s degree in Advertising Photography and a Phd in Classical Philology, with a thesis on Ancient Greek Aesthetics. She has partecipated in several group shows of contemporary art in Europe. The focus of her most recent research is the visual translation of the theories of George Bataille and Maurice Blanchot concerning the limits of human language.

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