Lioba von den Driesch


Lioba von den Driesch(Germany) – “ludo_2”, 2016, 1:35
The principle of the board game “Ludo” is applied to the struggle for survival and competition, to the luck and strategy of humans: colorful game characters embark on a journey across unsafe islands over dark water, there is no turning back, not only the dice are falling.

Lioba von den Driesch
exhibitions / festivals (selection)
2018 “The Song of Vanishing Species”, Group Global 3000, Berlin
2017 Short List MOVECINEARTE Festival 2017, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
2016 “Raumlektüre”, Zwinglikirche Berlin
2015 “SANS SERIF”, Gallery Carmelo González, Havana, Cuba
2014 DL X, International Videofestival Berlin, KLIK International Animation Festival Amsterdam, Nederlande
jobs/studies … (selection)
Since 2011 head: Medienwerkstatt, Kulturwerk of the bbk berlin
freelance since 1995 media art/ – design
1989-95 assistant: film/video (Prof. dr. Jutta Brückner, HdK Berlin)
1984-87 art/cultural work (HdK Berlin)
1984 Gutenberg scholarship, Mainz
1983 art education (Joh. Gutenberg University Mainz)
1957 * in Mainz, 2 children (1990, 1996)