Johannes Christopher Gérard

Johannes Christopher Gérard (Germany) – disorientated displacement, 2016, 05:02

The video approach the subjects of disorientation and displacement in a more in metaphoric manner, then rather building up on a realistic narrative story or documentary
The work tries to reflect the feelings of displacement , the traumatic experiences and flash backs , finally the mental disorientation often resulting in a trauma. Matters you can´t notice everytime from outside of a refugee. Keywords are fleeing via a dangerous route, displacement, new location, disorientation, flash backs, memories, about the reasons why someone became a refugee.

Johannes Christopher Gérard
Studied at Dun Laogharie School of Art and Design, (IADT) Dublin, Ireland
During his art career lived and worked in Dublin, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Taipei, Melbourne, Hangzhou and Vadodara . Currently lives in Berlin, Germany and The Hague, The Netherlands. Since 1981 participation in exhibitions, projects, video/film festivals including : Europe, Far East and South Asia, Australia, North and South Americas and Africa. 2007 photography, installation, printmaking became main disciplines. In 2012 first video installations. 2014/15 temporary return to Taiwan, starting and doing filming, video art, performance.