Jake Martin Graves

Jake Martin Graves (UK) – On the Road to Relief, 2016, 23:00
10,000 refugees stand in the balance between chains of aid workers and a regiment of riot police. These are the stories of how a refugee camp is sustained.
For thousands of refugees and those seeking asylum, the Calais Jungle Migrant Camp was a shelter and a haven. Caught between the increasing demands of a growing camp and the regular police raids, this documentary reveals the chains of relief networks that entirely sustained the residents of the Calais Jungle over 8 months leading up to its demolition.

Jake Martin Graves
Over the past few years, I have focused my documentary practitioner on portraying issues and stories linked to the Migrant Crisis, immigration and asylum. I focus on the core theme of ‘home’: Saudade, the Portuguese name of my production company, translates as a ‘nostalgic longing for homeland’, and is a topic that has echoed throughout my work.
I have worked closely with humanitarian charities creating short form content highlighting relief campaigns in Syria. I believe documentary production can be complimented by formal academic research, recent publications have included Alphaville Journal (09/2015) and Digital Filmmaker (04/2014).