Irene Curik

Irene Curik (Croatia) – A Prayer for Pinocchio, 2016, 21:16

‘A Prayer for Pinocchio’ explores the role and influence the prayer has on the social connectivity, whereas Pinocchio stands for ‘the world peace’, at the same time implying to a logical paradox, the Pinocchio’s paradox. Prayer is apprehended as a medium of direct communication, establishing a balance between estranged and coded environment, by increasing the attention on the eternal part of living beings, the free and benevolent part. Therefore, miner and prayer are framing performer and dancer, promoting miner’s prayers for Pinocchio above the ground.

Irena Curik
(1983/Zagreb), writer, director, dramaturge, choreographer and experimental theatre and video maker. She continuously works on expressing humanist and spiritual values through political and aesthetic art strategies. Her work has been shown in Zagreb, Rovinj, New Haven, Berlin, Salzburg, Linz, Kortrijk, Cologne, Venice and Rome.