Inês von Bonhorst


Inês von Bonhorst (Portugal) – “Impetus”, 2013, 7.29
Impetus is a circle where the life and death meet in the same place. We born, grow up, get old and die, a routine of time, a live circle. The seconds, minutes and hours move in an unalterable routine. What was yesterday is not today. This film is based in an ideal border, the street represented in the movie can be any road, it is a statement to equality, the same life routine happen everywhere or anywhere.
Directed by Ines von Bonhorst and Yuri Pirondi – in collaboration with Lucia Tong

Ines von Bonhorst
is originally from Portugal and is based in both London and Italy. She is a Video Artist who and her work often explores notions of identity, form, human limit within a physical and mental realm and our relationship with society using the subconscious, surrealism and the counterfeit of being. She loves to mix the deceptive of the performance art, theater, circus, with life itself and thinks that the boundaries between the two realities are not so far from each other. Von Bonhorst uses space, architecture and mood as a way to tell a story or represent the sensations given by the location itself.