Hamza Kirbas

Hamza Kirbas (Turkey) – No Human is Legal, 2017, 1:25
Jean baudrillard, simulation theory put forward, and whether it’s a bunch of images of everything, while pointing to the torpor of life is actually reveal how insensitive we’ve become a society. In the conceptual framework; the refugees of Hungarian journalists don’t trip in the event in 2015 and In Nuremberg that led to the imperialist war policy of refugees flee the country, impoverishment and exploitation which is the cause of capitalism, in walks a slogan thrown against sexism and racist laws and practices applied to refugees is located.
’’No human is illegal‘’ The slogan re-produce ‘’No human is legal’’ available in the form of the system which is showing Root causes of the mass migration of the imperialists to cause battles for the sake of maximum profit and capitalism as a symbolic boundary between the two screens showing the boundaries shaped by they formed their own islevsizlestirmek is confined to the limits. That can pass and cross the border between the two screens the second screen of the non-legal person.

Hamza Kirbas
I am Hamza KIRBAS, 25 years old who born in Turkey but originally Kurdish. faculty of Fine-Arts department is painting in Batman finished . Also at the same time I work as a photographer. I have attended to Erasmus+ Program. I have been in Poland for one year as an exchange student. I had a chance to take courses from Graphic Design. (University of silesia Katowice) During this time also I had a change to travel in Europe and to see the culture of Europe. I had my solo exhibition in Poland. I saw so many capital cities in Europe, museums and different architecture. Now a master student at hacettepe university Turkey.

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