George Symeonidis, Artemis Stathakou


George Symeonidis, Artemis Stathakou (Greece) – “Refugee”, 2015, 04:08
In ancient Greece, hospitality was a great virtue and god Zeus was the protector of the foreigners. In this ancient culture, a refugee treated as a holy person. Today, there are more than 60 millions of refugees in every part of the globe and in apathy we see them struggling for their lives in our TV screens. They are trying to save themselves and their families from a capitalist, western-made “crisis”. Power industries are looking for big profit, that means militarization of national economies and war… the exploitation of the workers, to make them slaves and looting the wealth of their countries.

George Symeonidis and Artemis Stathakou
are multimedia artists. They are movie and theater directors, video artists, photographers, sound designers and music producers. They sign their videos as “gcl.dp”. They also compose and mix music as “dub punk” ( Among others, they are directing films, music video clips, theater plays, video trailers and teasers, radio spots etc… In general, they are working on everything about video and sound.