Farid Hamedi (Rohina) (Iran) – The Smoke and the Dream, 2015, 13:24
Using the principle of hermeneutics, the artist addresses the semiotics of the refugees’ battle for survival against brutalities forcing them to leave their homeland. He uses symbols such as fish victimized and dead on the chest of a man, hatchet, umbrella, and a wandering train to expose this forced human influx. The chronological aspect of time has been completely distorted in this work. Hence, the dreams and nightmares of the refugees are confused, just like reality and unreality. The lives and dreams lost during this apocalyptic experience have also been highlighted.

Farid Hamedi
Born in Kermanshah, Iran in 1980, Farid is a multi-dimension artist with strong talents in music, authorship, filmmaking and graphics design. He has designed more than 200 music albums: his posters have been exhibited in more than five international poster. His works are profoundly influenced by the East European arts. He started producing and directing video-arts and short films on social and individual themes in 2014. Some of them, like ‘Theatre for the Artist’, ‘the train that never stopped’, ‘The Tarnished Mirror of Existence’ and ‘The Brain and the Border’ were screened in more than 40 international festivals. 2. film/video a)