Enoh Lienemann

Enoh Lienemann (Germany) – In My Head, 2015, 6`34
Migration firstly starts in mind. It is not only a movement of refugees, but also a process of every-day-life. To leave a situation, to select unknown ways, means to cut yourself out of things, places and habits. It brings uncertainty and emptiness and of course new life and possibilities.The video questioned, how open a society is to unknown influences. And will it be able to deal with new challenges and able to understand migration not only as an external move, but become an active part of society, with their consequences in an open but also critical society.

Enoh Lienemann
visual artist and filmmaker. Born London, UK, 1959, from German/Nigerian parents. Based in Krefeld, Germany. Her work covers different aspects of visual art, which extends from photography, collage on paper, conceptual art and video / video performance. In the center of her work she addresses the question: How does political and social oppression influence the human nature?
Education: “Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft” in Bonn/Alfter, Germany. Since 2004 she continually does researches in the field of refugees, migration and immigration. Her works have been presented at film festivals and screenings around the globe.

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