Elsa Trzaska

Elsa Trzaska (Finland) – Mediterranean, 2017, 12:43
What do we think about the Human Rights? They are almost entirely based on the conversations made after the World War II, that became the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights by the United Nations on 1948. In the video while the Sun sets beautifully to the Mediterranean Sea in Spain, the written sentences and words are drowning in to the sea the same way as in the Star Wars opening crawl. The declaration is a document to be respected but still a product of one particular cultural environment and time. What is the future for it? Is it already lost it power?
And what about Mediterranean Sea? What kind of associations the word creates? No one can close their eyes from the headlines of the horrors that thousands and thousands human beings has experienced in there. Still most of us know the Mediterranean Sea from a holiday in sunny b

Elsa Trzaska
(b.1990) is a Visual Artist based in Helsinki, Finland, working mainly with moving image, narrative stories and video installations. She graduated from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Fine Arts department (BA, 2013). Her works are about understanding the environment and the present time, by gathering different details and creating new atmospheres and stories. Trzaska is also interested in small issues, gestures and behavior of people. She’s held many solo shows in Finland and her work has been displayed in various countries abroad

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