Christian Wodstrup Christiansen

Christian Wodstrup Christiansen (Denmark) – Birds in the Net, Milan, 2015, 4:49
The video is a presentation of how migratory birds are caught in nets, before they are registered and ringed by environmental scientist in the Alpes outside Milan. The video was recorded in the autumn 2015 when many human migrants entered Europe from Africa and the Middle East. Some of these migrants ended up at Milan Central Station in the same period as the video was recorded. The scientists in the movie speak Italian, a language the birds do not understand, resembling the experience of people coming to a foreign country with a language and customs unknown to the them.

Christian Wodstrup Christiansen
Born 1986 in Denmark
Holds a master’s degree in Literature from the University of Copenhagen.
Currently studying Fine Art at the Institute of Fine Art at the University of Bergen.