Carles Pamies

Carles Pamies (Spain) – The Raft of The Medusa, XXIst CENTURY, 2017, 4:31
THE RAFT OF THE MEDUSA, XXIst century is a Videopoetry about the Lost Refugees at the Sea…How would the classical Gericault’s masterpiece ‘The Raft of the Medusa’ look like nowadays?
The recreation of an oil canvas with our present technology tries to make the TIME as a personal dimension despite the Centuries between the two works. Thousands of drowned refugees lie in the deep waters of the Mediterraneum sea… increasing the figures year after year… The Drama of the Massive emigrations through the human history from an Art perspective and through a personal and poetic vision.

Carles Pamies
Born in Barcelona in 1964. Licensed in Sciences of Information. He alternates the most insipid literature with the accomplishment of the most sordid television programs in all the spanish Networks during the last 25 years. He obtains some Literary minor Awards. In 1996 he publishes Cruel World, that the critique estimates but that turns out to be a commercial success. He edits also his next poem book, and later dedicates his works to the future unknown generations. His other multidisciplinary activities remain in hidden desks or have been punished by the law.

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